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The morning after the Rager attack, Stoyanka approaches the companions.

The ancient wise woman looks at you with one eye wide open and the other barely a squint. She offers you two small bags and a large sack. One of the small bags seems to be moving, while the other emanates a vile stench. The large sack seems to be empty.
“Follow rraven to find grrotto,” she says. “Zhis bag—” she holds up the moving one “—contains rraven’s fuud. Make camp wvhere rraven takes you. But keep bearings; rraven will llead you wvhere you need to be, but wvill not llead you bick.”
She then holds up the foul-smelling bag. “Once you arrive at campsite, dump mixture into boiling wvater. Wvill attract firesprites. They wvill lead you to shadowmoss. Finally," she indicates the large sack. “Fill sack completely with shadowmoss.”

She gives each companion three beaver bladders filled with a mizture of herbs and offal that aid in healing wounds (each cures 2d6+con health).

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Home Page

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