Dragon Age: Darkspawn Advent

Into the Wilds

After prying as much information as they could from Stoyanka, the companions set off to find the Shadowmoss.

They followed the raven south to the bluff over looking

The Ragers
Amber Rage, infection

After the defeat of the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue:

Bann Nicola treated the party to a splendid meal at House Baranti. The intimate gathering consisted of just Bann Nicola’s grandson Adric, his lady companion Yolanda, Captain Braedon, and Bando, the Bann’s senechal were in attendance aside from the group.

The Brok and Doryn asked about the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue while Nemed and Colban focused on their food. Bann Nicola told them more details of the history of the cult. Brok expressed his disbelief that the Cult could have survived for so long and Doryn offered up his explanation of demonic possession. Bann Nicola seemed to be taken aback by Doryn’s reasoning and promised to look into it.

Bann Nicola then offered the companions her patronage. In addition to 10 SP a week and 25 sp for guarding a caravan she offered to pay for any lodging and supplies the group might need. She wanted them to look into the caravan attacks. She informed the group that the rumors pointed towards a band of renegade Avvars and to seek out answers in the west. She wanted you to seek out injustice in Ferelden and stop it in the name of House Baranti.
They were each given 50 sp for expenses and Bando outfitted them with whatever travel supplies they needed. Each companion received a masterwork weapon on “indefinite loan” which grants them clout in certain social situations. (+1 to any social encounter in which a person would be impressed by their weapons)

The companions first task was to guard a caravan headed towards Sothmere, a small farming town which is known for growing ryott. Ryott is a protein rich grain which is valued throughout Ferelden. Sothmere’s near-by Fort is getting upgrades to ensure the town is protected adequately and to celebrate the villagers are throwing a festival. The Caravan consists of supplies for the construction of the improved Fort Sothmere.

The caravan arrived at Sothmere without incident. THe grey skies and cold, drizzley rain did little to dampen the festivities that were going on. The companions were able to enjoy the activities of the Sothmere festival while the caravan was unloaded.

The companions visited Old Stoyanka and Doryn delivered her the book he had retrieved from Denerim for her. She fretted over Doryn, insulted him and his ability to properly clean his genitals, accused him of sleeping with Toron the Mabari hound, and then shooed him away to poor over the book. Doryn also caught up with Wanda Kovic and later played with the local children Breklin and Amana, who adored the kind man.

Brok sneered at his fellow elves, the female dancer Dielza and the clownish Olek as they performed for the humans. He was ashamed at their belittling of themselves by putting on a side show. Instead, he distracted himslef by using his skill with a bow to win a drink (and meal) from the fair Fiala by out shooting her in an archery contest. This did not please Ser Vilem, knight commander of Fort Sothmere and a long distance admirerer of Fiala.

Nemed was able to rouse himself from his previous torpor and bested a giantess in a wrestling contest. Using his mighty strength and probing fingers, he grabbed the large pretty-sure-it-was-female wrestler by her neck and groin and hoisted her over his head and slammed her into the ground. He was applauded for his defeat of the undefeated as she writhed and squirmed and moaned in the agony of her defeat. Nemed thinks it was agony. He hopes it was.

Colban sat in one of the caravan’s wagons and slept the sleep of the absent.

Sheriff Kovic called everyone to the main tent for a feat, and while giving a speech, the revelers were attacked by Chasind warriors. The warriors seemed crazed and feral. Thier skin and blood were tinged a sickly yellow, and those who did not perish from their onslaught were soon stricken with a strange malady. Their wounds soon festered and turned yellow and a fever fell upon them that no spell could break.

The companions made quick work of the raging Chasind – or Ragers – but not without consequence.

Brok hear a disturbance in the night and was able to react quickly to a Rager suddenly appearing in the tent. The rager attacked Wanda and Brok quick put an arrow into the deranged Chasind.

Nemed, Doryn and Brok were able to take out the Rager attacking the Kovics quickly, but soon heard more disaster outside.

As they left the tent, each saw chaos in the night. The torchlights shows scenes of villagers being slaughtered by the Ragers. People trampled thier family members trying to get away in the cacophony of screams pain and rage.

In a moment of decisiveness, Brok saved the life of the young boy Breklin, but was unable to keep the boy’s sister Amana from being viciously and savagely dismembered by the Ragers. Her agonizing cries as her life left her broken body could be heard even as the fight raged on in the night. Later Brok was able to keep Fiala from the same gruesome fate, but a friend of hers came out of the darkness and struck her down. This fellow townsmen was in the same condition as the Chasind and it became apparent that the condition was contagious. Brok killed him with a precise “shot to the left nut.”

Brok then proved that elven healing techniques were superior by using a lit torch to ease the pain of Fiala’s injury by ramming flame first into the wound. This also quieted her cries of “What the fuck are you doing?”

Toron the Mabari valiantly took down one of the Ragers, but in his attack, he became infected and fell ill from the diseased contents of his stomach. Even Doryn’s ministrations could only ease his convulsions.

Nemed cleaved his way through many Ragers. One rager proved to be formidable and cut deeply into Nemed, striking the weapon from his hand. Nemed recovered quickly and showed the Rager what pain really was. Nemed went on to save Strom the dwarven merchant.

Doryn made his way across the battlefield, helpin heal were he could and using his magic bolts to strike down enemies before they could hurt anyone else. He prevented two Ragers from massacring the elven entertainers, and with Nemed ended the battle.

Stoyanka asked the companions to search the Ragers for clues and found out that they had coated their blades with their own diseased blood and carried a yellow substance with them. Stoyanka used the book that Doryn retrieved to identify the poison and the affliction as the Amber Rage. An ancient disease that hasn’t been seen since the end of the First Blight, almost 1200 years ago. She asks the party to burn all of the poison and all of the weapons carried by the Chasind, since it is most virulent on these items. Stoyanka brewed a potion that delayed the onset of the disease from mere hours to days. She also said that not all hope was lost, since there was a potential cure. The elusive shadowmoss.

The Sheriff then called for an immediate meeting in the town hall. He started to talk about how to take care of the injured, which included Wanda, Fiala, Olek, Toron, and at least 4 other townsfolk. Ser Vilem interrupted and said that in the best interests of the town, all infected must be immediately killed. Bogdan the blacksmith agreed with Ser Vilem and the companions, the Sheriff, and Stoyanka argued for mercy and to find the cure. After a tense debate which ultimately was ended when the party threatened to euthanize the entire village, the call for mercy won out. Ser Vilem agreed to no take action until three days had passed. Old Stoyanka agreed since she did not think her cure would last past three sunsets. Stoyanka told the heros to rest, since the next day would begin their journey and they would need their strength.

The morning after the Rager attack, Stoyanka approaches the companions. She performed an old Chasind ritual and called a raven which landed on her shoulder.

From the adventure text: “The ancient wise woman looks at you with one eye wide open and the other barely a squint. She offers you two small bags and a large sack. One of the small bags seems to be moving, while the other emanates a vile stench. The large sack seems to be empty.
“Follow rraven to find grrotto,” she says. “Zhis bag—” she holds up the moving one “—contains rraven’s fuud. Make camp wvhere rraven takes you. But keep bearings; rraven will llead you wvhere you need to be, but wvill not llead you bick.”
She then holds up the foul-smelling bag. “Once you arrive at campsite, dump mixture into boiling wvater. Wvill attract firesprites. They wvill lead you to shadowmoss. Finally,” she indicates the large sack. “Fill sack completely with shadowmoss.”

She gives each companion three beaver bladders filled with a mixture of herbs and offal that aid in healing wounds (each cures 2d6+con health).

Do you have any questions before you go?

Chantry of the Stilled Tongue

On the group’s first adventure, fates intertwined as the four were brought together to stop the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue.

Late in the dark, foggy night the group came across cultists dressed in white robes. They carried a young boy with them. After ignoring the cultists ramblings about doing the Maker’s work and getting out of their way, the party dispatched the five cultists with the help of Captain Braedon.

The group found out that this was only the second of four houses to be targeted by the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue. The CotST targeted seemingly random children and kidnapped them after slaughtering their families. The cultists then proceeded to cut out the tongues of the children in order to silence the blasphemous words that the children were ‘destined’ to speak.

Bann Nicola Baranti was a known foe who tried everything she could to stop the cult. Captain Braedon had personal reasons to hate the CofST. Braedon and two guardsmen went after one address, and the group went after the second.

Getting to the Tern street address, the group was able to get the drop on the cultists trying to break into the house. They were able to easily defeated the four cultists and the apostate cultist, and after making sure the family inside was okay, they continued on to the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue itself.

Once again the group caught the cultists by surprise. A tougher fight than previously, the party was still able to fight past the two elite cultists and make their way to Mother Brianna.

Mother Brianna was a difficult foe. She was able to charm Doryn and stupify Nemed. Somehow her wiles caused Colban to randomly attack mirrors throughout the room. The team was finally able to defeat her, and saved Captain Braedon who had made it there before the party.

The group was praised for their bravery and under Bann Nicola’s banner they became minor celebrities in Denerim.


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