Dragon Age: Darkspawn Advent

Chantry of the Stilled Tongue

On the group’s first adventure, fates intertwined as the four were brought together to stop the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue.

Late in the dark, foggy night the group came across cultists dressed in white robes. They carried a young boy with them. After ignoring the cultists ramblings about doing the Maker’s work and getting out of their way, the party dispatched the five cultists with the help of Captain Braedon.

The group found out that this was only the second of four houses to be targeted by the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue. The CotST targeted seemingly random children and kidnapped them after slaughtering their families. The cultists then proceeded to cut out the tongues of the children in order to silence the blasphemous words that the children were ‘destined’ to speak.

Bann Nicola Baranti was a known foe who tried everything she could to stop the cult. Captain Braedon had personal reasons to hate the CofST. Braedon and two guardsmen went after one address, and the group went after the second.

Getting to the Tern street address, the group was able to get the drop on the cultists trying to break into the house. They were able to easily defeated the four cultists and the apostate cultist, and after making sure the family inside was okay, they continued on to the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue itself.

Once again the group caught the cultists by surprise. A tougher fight than previously, the party was still able to fight past the two elite cultists and make their way to Mother Brianna.

Mother Brianna was a difficult foe. She was able to charm Doryn and stupify Nemed. Somehow her wiles caused Colban to randomly attack mirrors throughout the room. The team was finally able to defeat her, and saved Captain Braedon who had made it there before the party.

The group was praised for their bravery and under Bann Nicola’s banner they became minor celebrities in Denerim.


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