Avvar warrior


The basics of his background is that he was always one of the strongest in his clan and it made him a bit of a dick. He had his eye on a girl from another clan, Issa, and she was interested in him as well, but her father hated Nemed because he’d embarrassed the chief’s sons. Nemed tried to kidnap the girl anyway but was caught, though it took a lot of the other clan’s warriors. Issa was already pregnant, however, and her father killed her as a sort of “honor killing,” and Nemed’s clan was supposed to kill him as well, though they exiled him instead.

Since then, Nemed has been living and working in the lowlands as a sell sword, sometimes thief and occasional laborer. He’s been planning to go back and get his revenge on Issa’s clan, but he knows he’s not ready just yet. He’s considerably humbler now.



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