Human Apostate


Doryn was the dilettante eldest son of a family that owned a large tract of land in the Southron Hills. His father was a bann for the region, as was his grandfather and great-grandfather. Doryn’s mother was a Mage whose studies frequently kept her away at a distant Circle tower. Doryn grew up spending the temperate months hunting, training with local knights and exploring the rocky highlands. During the winter months Doryn was frequently sequestered indoors and bored, until the year he came across a Circle text his mother had failed to lock away. He devoured the book and managed to teach himself a cantrip, and after that success he began secretly spending more and more time in his mother’s study.

When he was 25 Doryn’s father left to attend the Landsmeet in Denerim, leaving Doryn in charge of the household. Doryn took the time to go on an overnight wolf hunt. While he was away, the hold was attacked by a large Darkspawn war party and fell. Doryn returned to the sacked ruins to find his mother, brothers and sisters tainted by the Blight, cannibalizing the corpses of the house servants. Upon noticing him they attacked – horrified, Doryn accessed the most powerful spell he had studied, destroying them all in a gout of flame. Believing himself responsible for the death of his mother and siblings and the presumed disenfranchisement of his father, Doryn fled into the hills for a self-imposed exile.

Over the years Doryn continued his exploration of magic and the Fade, often attempting and failing to treat or cure Blight-infected Fereldens and creatures. Around the Southron Hills and the edge of the Brecilian Forest he became a sort of traveling hermit, known for the efficacy of his healing “salves” (treatments frequently aided by the surreptitious use of magic) and often hired out his services to traveling caravans and groups of mercenaries. Doryn believes he can redeem himself for the destruction of his family if he manages to find a way to treat people who have been tainted by the Blight.



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