Nevarran Duelist


Colban was born in Nevarra to two commoners named Richald and Lorryn. Throughout his youth, Colban would hear tales of how his parents had grandiose plans to bring wealth and fame to their family name by seeking out dragons that were still rumored to exist. Of course, to a boy, these stories were full of mystery and hope, not to mention tinged with a bit of excitement.
But, as Colban grew of age, he soon became aware of the reality of the situation. The squalor and filth he grew up in was based on nothing more than his parents despicable laziness; spending every spare copper on wild-assed bets and cheap ale at the local dive.
Each time his parents wove another tale, Colban grew to cringe for it meant he’d be once again without food as his parents would take every last scrap out of the hovel of a home they called a ‘house’ in preparation for their next sojourn to find the most rare of dragon-kind. This meant Colban would be forced to stay with neighbors, friends or as his luck would have it, the local alley behind the very dive his parents squandered every frickin copper they had.
Needless to say, this meant he was often the brunt of torment by the other low class folks who at least had a hot meal to fill their bellies each night. Thus, he quickly learned to be swift with his fists and wit, realizing it would be the only way to survive long enough to get out of Nevarra and more importantly, away from his parents before they returned from their latest journey.
The turning point for Colban came after one such journey that his parents did not, in fact, return. Many whispered (in secret and bluntly in front of Colban) that they had abandoned their son, so disappointed were they in him. Colban actually saw this as a blessing in disguise which only fueled his goal of shedding the shame and embarrassment of a lifetime by going out on his own to seek his own fame and fortune; finally free of his parent’s shackles.
Once he became of age, he joined the local guard, thinking it would be the best way to learn fighting skills. Unfortunately, his instructors quickly learned that he was an adept student and their paltry skills were insufficient to satisfy his hunger for combat knowledge.
So, he journeyed across the lands, sometimes signing up for work as a caravan guard, othertimes, offering to assist whatever local constable or guard needed some extra help and over time, became proficient with both blade and armor.
And, so here begins, the next chapter of his life as he moves to his next destination…



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