Dalish Rogue


Brok is a Dalish Elf Rogue (think wild elf with a bit of gypsy-ism). His caravan/camp was attacked and wiped out by Avvaran raiders and he was the only one that survived (he was hurt and knocked unconscious, but was left for dead). When he woke there was nothing he could do but mourn the dead and move on (he has a lot of survivor’s guilt). He eventually met up with a team of human and dwarf merchants and hired on as a guard. He spent a fair amount of time (a year?) traveling with them and earning his keep. Until one night they were attacked by Dalish bandits. Again Brok was hurt, knocked unconscious and left for dead. Again when he awoke he was the only one that had survived (except for an injured dog that he nursed back to health and now follows him around). Again he had even more survivors guild.
Brok’s experiences have left him paranoid and wary of making close friends, but at the same time secretly seeking for a new family he can be a part of.



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